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To text or not to text

While texting during movies has gained some sort of grudging acceptance, texting during lectures defiantly remains a no-no.  There is nothing worse than having your cell phone confiscated by the professor because s/he caught you texting – and nothing more elementary school either!  So … Continue reading

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Check E-Mail On A Regular Basis

Checking your university email account on a daily basis is something you should do involuntary. Kind of like how your body blinks, breathes and beats the heart, you should be checking your email. Your University email account is the official … Continue reading

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Get Acquainted With Campus

Use campus maps as a resourceful guide to navigate Continue reading

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Welcome to, a guide for college freshmen as they enter what is known as higher education! College can be stressful, confusing, haunting, awesome, challenging, demanding, knowledgeable and costly. This site will have new posts for you to check out … Continue reading

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