Check E-Mail On A Regular Basis

Checking your university email account on a daily basis is something you should do involuntary. Kind of like how your body blinks, breathes and beats the heart, you should be checking your email. Your University email account is the official form of communication between you and your adviser, faculty, and instructors. Everybody that is a student or that works for university will have an email account created.

Contacting your adviser is important and nothing is quicker then by email. BUT most universities require advisers to contact their students only through their university email. With so much personal information available to the university, it is important that the advisers can trust who will be viewing the information. You don’t want others to see your grades, personal information, or any notes or conversations that you have while meeting with advisers.

If you ever want to reach your professor, you can search for their university email accounts or locate it on their class syllabus. Most instructors are very good at promptly responding to students’ questions or concerns. Although there are some cases where instructors are so old that they don’t bother learning or don’t trust the technology. They will retire soon and THEN all instructors will be using email.

You can also locate your peers through their university email accounts. If they are like you, they should also be checking in on a daily basis. It can be advantageous to locate students in your class and set up group projects or study sessions. By doing it through email is a more professional approach rather than awkwardly asking them to be friends through Facebook.

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