Get Acquainted With Campus

College campuses are so big that it is important to know what’s going on around you. Take a day before classes start to “map out” your schedule. Visit the buildings. Find your classrooms. This will make your journey to class a lot simpler and will relieve stress knowing that you are to your classes on time.  As the school year moves along, you will find shortcuts and alternative routes that may make your destination smoother and quicker.

The University of Minnesota is an example of a huge campus, in fact there are three. The Mississippi River divides the East and West bank campuses while the St. Paul campus is a short 10 minute bus ride away. It is easy to get lost on campuses especially when people call different sections of campus other names. Such examples include Knoll Area, The Mall, Church Street, Athletic Area, Health Area, and CSOM Area. All schools have a map of their campus and usually a building search as well. Using this tool will help you navigate to your desired destination.

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